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About SWTC

The core philosophy of South West Trading Company is to only handle the finest and rarest products from the highest quality fibers. SOYSILK, the trademark name for the company’s Soy Fiber, is the foundation. SOYSILK is made from the proteins in Soy, a renewable resource. The fiber is soft like silk yet warm, like cashmere. It wicks away moisture and has a soft, gentle drape. Interestingly, Henry Ford first thought of the idea of Soy Silk in the 1940s. However, during WW2 the government chose to endorse Rayon and Nylon and it would be decades before Soy fiber came to fruition. Now, this stunning fiber is available from South West Trading Company for spinning, knitting, crochet, and weaving. The company has rich, elegant colors that are designed around collections of variegated yarn paired with complimentary solids, enabling the artist to find yarns that match together for whatever fabulous projects they dream up.


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