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For Designers

Thank you for choosing SWTC Yarn for your designs.

We consider each request on an individual basis and invite you to email us with details. We do our best to work with as many designers as we can. 

If you are using SWTC Yarn in self publish designs:

Let us know! We love to share your patterns and projects with our stores and knitters. We will help promote your pattern and may even feature it on our website.

If you are a designer who is interested in using SWTC INC yarn for a project in your book:

We require a letter from the publisher verifying the project, a description of the project, and a finish copy of the book once published. 

We review requests of this nature on a case basis, so we ask that you provide as much detail as possible on the project.  This includes the complete text that pertains to SWTC INC, as well as the specific use(s) of any requested images and/or logos.

It is critical that you review the SWTC Brand statement and honor the use of our trademark in your book. Improper use of the SWTC Trademark can result in legal action.

Please also note that we will NOT overnight yarns to accommodate your deadlines. Please plan ahead.


For consideration, please email Jonelle.


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