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Requests for Information, Donations, and Yarn

Requests for Yarn from Designers

If you are a designer who is interested in using SWTC INC yarn for a project in your book, we are honored that you have chosen to include us. We require a letter from the publisher verifying the project, a description of the project, and a finish copy of the book once published.

We review requests of this nature on a case basis, so we ask that you provide as much detail as possible on the project.  This includes the complete text that pertains to SWTC INC, as well as the specific use(s) of any requested images and/or logos.

It is critical that you review the SWTC Brand statement and honor the use of our trademark in your book. Improper use of the SWTC Trademark can result in legal action. 

Please also note that we will NOT overnight yarns to accommodate your deadlines. Please plan ahead.

For consideration, please email Jonelle

 Requests for Yarn Donations

SWTC donates to select organizations chosen by the family as part of our ongoing contribution to our community. 

We are always happy to support knit and crochet events for and through our wholesale merchants  when SWTC yarns are featured in the event or as part of a class, display, yarn tasting, or yarn crawl. 

Professors/Teachers requesting information

Because of the volume of requests SWTC INC receives, we cannot fulfill educational requests for materials. In addition, because our rights in certain materials may be limited, we generally cannot supply copies of our advertising. We do provide basic information about SWTC INC on www.soysilk.com. If you have a specific need that is not addressed by our web sites, send us an email with complete details and we’ll consider your request on a case-by-case basis. 

Students requesting information

SWTC INC regrets that due to the time required and cost involved, we cannot fulfill requests from students who wish to interview SWTC INC executives or receive SWTC INC print information and products for research projects. SWTC INC does place as much information as possible on www.soysilk.com . We will not be able to accommodate any submitted requests for images or additional materials not posted on our web sites.

Permission Requests for use of SWTC INC Images, Trademarks, Logos and/or other Information.

Thank you for your interest in including SWTC INC in your book, scholastic or other third part use. As you can imagine, SWTC INC receives a tremendous volume of such requests each month, and we do not have the personnel or resources to fulfill every request.

For that reason, we require that you fill out and submit information to SWTC INC at least four weeks prior to your deadline. You must include, among other things, all narrative text explaining how you propose to use the SWTC INC material, the length of time and medium of use, and the target audience.

Please be advised that as a general rule we are not able to accommodate requests for interviews of specific SWTC INC personnel, including our senior-level executives. Also, in many cases image(s) that you may request require permission from SWTC INC, as well as the photographer, who may require compensation for the use.

Other Third-Party Requests

As a general rule, SWTC INC does not grant permission for non-scholastic use of our trademarks, images, advertising or logos. If you believe your request warrants an exception to this rule, please email us for consideration.  In addition, SWTC INC does not grant permission for any variations of our trademarks or copyrighted materials.




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