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This Month at the SWTC Outlet

August schedule- Tuesday-Friday 10-2 & Saturdays 10-2


Stop in this month to get your Great Blanket Adventure Package.  This winter, we'll kick off Adventures for both Knitters and Crocheters.

When you get your kits at the outlet store, they'll include all of the classes this year! 

Adventure Classes will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month. 



Friday September 12

SWTC Welcomes the Saddlebrook Guild 

9a - 12p  “Plug n Play” Design your scarf!

Instructor Velvet Dishon will guide your through the basic of designing your next scarf (or shawl) with our “plug n play” class. Bring your own favorite stitch or lace pattern or you can browse through our collection of stitch guides. Once you’ve found what you like, we’ll help you plug it into a basic scarf design and cast on. This class will include time to talk about decisions like borders, cast ons, and how to make those edges look nice too. Share your ideas and creative concepts… and take notes on your original pattern design.


1p -4p Cast on for the Mariposa Shawl



Purchase a Mariposa Kit and join the group. Under the watchful eye of Instructor Velvet Dishon, we'll get started on this fabulous lace shawl. She'll share some helpful tips and tricks before sending you off on your way!



Saturday September 13

9a-12p  FREEFORM KNIT & CROCHET with Pinka Peck  $50


 For those who just can’t get enough SWTC Yarn fun, we’ve got a very exciting opportunity waiting for them on Saturday. Fiber artist, Pinka Peck, will join the SWTC girls to teach two exciting classes.

Freeform is a wonderful, creative experience. In this class, we’ll unleash our creative spirit and explore the use of random stitches and combinations of stitches in one project. Whether you knit or crochet, there are tips, tricks, and techniques that will change the way you see

 yarn. Free form doesn’t use a pattern. Student will use a myriad of yarns from Jonelle’s personal stash of freeform yarns a rare opportunity! During class, you’ll also be treated to a mini fashion show of garments from Jonelle’s book, Freeform Knit and Crochet along with some special garments from her private Freeform collection with pieces designed by renowned freeform artists Prudence Mapstone, Lisa Wiseman and Margaret Hubert among the mix.  You do not have to be an expert in knit or crochet this is about color, texture, and technique. Learn with us. Some artists love a wild collage of color and others find the a monochromatic piece in a fabulous variety of stitches is exactly what their eye sees. There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG.



1p -5p: Bead Crochet. $50 includes yarn and beads prestrung for you.



You don’t even need to know how to crochet to make this amazing jewelry. Pinka will show you how to use a crochet hook as a tool and create a beaded rope bracelet with Tofutsies yarn and seed beads. Mastering this technique will open the doors to creating some beautiful jewelry just in time for the holidays. 




Saturday September 20

10a  Crocodile Stitch Crochet with Melissa Ziller



The Crocodile Stitch is a wonderful stitch that captures the imagination. It is fabulous in edgings, scarves, shawls, and fabulous, whimsical projects. In this 2 hour class, you will learn the basics of creating and manipulating the crocodile stitch. 

Students who would like to continue on will have a chance to purchase yarn and begin work on the Owl Clutch with Melissa on hand to help and troubleshoot. 


1p  Drop Stitch Cables  $10 plus yarn of your choosing for project


Using SWTC Therapi , Instructor Velvet Dishon will demonstrate how drop stitch cables are created. Make a small swatch sampling this fabulous effect.

Interested students will be shown patterns and kits to create their first project with Drop Stitch Cables.  Buy your kit and hang out to cast on with Velvet on hand to guide and assist. 




Saturday September 27  

  11a Great Blanket Kick Off Event

         Free Class for both Knit and Crochet 







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