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This Month at the SWTC Outlet

Monday-Friday 10-2 & Saturdays 11-3



Saturday, July 12

From 12- 1: Melissa continues her crochet series with another pattern and Chart reading class. If you attended the last, you know how helpful it is. Join as we continue to learn how to decode crochet!$10 includes a ball of PURE Yarn for this class.
From 1-2p: Join Melissa and crochet a fabulous market bag!  $15 includes the yarn you need!



Sunday, July 13 from 11-3: So Sew! The blanket grand finale

We wrap up our first Great Blanket Adventure with our Sew it Up party! Bring all of your squares and join Velvet for some ideas on finishing and help making it come together. Make sure to pose for a picture with your blanket!
We'll roll out the next Great Blanket project in August with a new concept that we think is pretty darn fun!
As a special Thank You,
any Blanketeers who drop in this Sunday will get the next Great Blanket pattern FREE!
Then, all you will need is the yarn and you will be set for our next Great Adventure.


Saturday, July 19 from 11-3: Crochet All Day!

Drop in and crochet a fabulous baseball hat with Instructor Melissa Ziller. 
Class Fee $10 + cost of yarn in the yarn of your choice

Sunday, July 20 from 11-3: Lace... All Day long

We'll will debut a new lace pattern that showcases Tofutsies sock yarn and the German Short Row technique.  
Drop in between 12 and 4 and pick out a new lace project, purchase the yarn, and we'll help you cast on and show you how to do German Short rows.  Class Fee: $15 includes 1 skein of Tofutsies sock yarn.
More to come.. keep checking back




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