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Use of Brand & Logo

With the growing popularity of South West Trading Company’s SOYSILK® brand yarns and products, we must begin to focus on how to assure that when you see the name SOYSILK® you are confident that the product is from SWTC. It is our pledge to protect the name for you and your customers- guarding against poor quality imitations and providing assurance that SOYSILK® is a brand name you can trust. 

When you purchase SOYSILK® brand fiber and yarn we ask that you remember the following in any signage, advertising, or web promotion:

 Use the ® after the name, present SOYSILK® as one word, all in caps (a change you will begin to see in all of our own labels and marketing), and use the complete phrase “SOYSILK® brand”.

 Insist that any soy yarn or products you see (even from our authorized distributors and hand dye houses) label their SWTC yarns with the SOYSILK® brand information.

 Refer to SOYSILK® brand fiber instead of just simply “soy silk.” (Even Jonelle is learning this one!)

 We appreciate your help in creating a brand name that we can all be proud of and share with knitters around the world. It is a great moment to know that we have created a product so popular that Google™ found 20,000 references – that’s your customers all chatting about SOYSILK® brand fibers, yarns, and products.

 As always, we appreciate your business and thank you in advance for your help in protecting the SOYSILK® name.



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